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New Raymondo! [Feb. 26th, 2009|04:51 pm]
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Another one?? What the hell is going on here??


[User Picture]From: rhystuck
2009-02-26 08:42 am (UTC)


[User Picture]From: primavera
2009-02-26 11:46 am (UTC)


Oh no, the kitty!
[User Picture]From: lolsworth
2009-02-26 02:26 pm (UTC)


You're just a machine right now.
[User Picture]From: kinokofry
2009-02-27 03:47 am (UTC)


There's an awful lot of arse-kickery in this one. Beautiful stuff!
From: deadseraphim89
2009-02-27 05:01 am (UTC)


Louie does nothing, and gets the most horrible transformation! What an asshole demon thing!